About Us

About Us

Miss Moto – How did we get here?

Jodie  – Director

What started as a search for female motorcycle gear whilst learning to ride, revealed a lacking market catering to us Girls. What I found didn’t suit or was pink, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just not a pink kinda Gal.
So my search widened, as did my imagination. What if I could shake things up a little? What if I could provide Girls with some more variety in their clothing without compromising on protection or fashion? And so Miss Moto was born.
Check our our growing range including Joe RocketMotoGirl leggings and Jacket range, Blackbird Motorcycle Wear Jackets, Sidi Boots, Flying Solo Gear, Muc-Off and more!  

Whats next?

More about us. Our range will expand as we try to find the best Female specific gear, however we want to be more than just a webstore. If you know of any great gear that you cannot find in stores in Australia please let us know!
We want to make Miss Moto into a more interactive place for Female riders to connect and experience and bring Women’s rider communities together. There are some amazing Female groups and sites out there and we want to showcase as many as possible.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram or feel free to get in contact via email info@missmoto.com

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’m excited to see what we can do for Girls on Bikes