4SR is a Czech company that produces stylish and functional motorcycle clothing. We pride ourselves on producing gear that is of the highest quality.
We are active bikers and competitors. All of our designs, materials, development, and testing are performed by us and our sponsored riders. Our personal experience and the experience of our sponsored riders give us the ability to continuously produce gear that is innovative, safe, and stylish.

Feedback from professional racers is where we gain our most valuable knowledge. These racers are on a scale, that none of us can even approach. There is no room for compromise in this world. Therefore, we closely cooperate with BSB, WSBK, EWC, AMA, and MotoAmerica riders in the development of our products. We apply all the acquired knowledge we gain to produce our products. 4SR has only one model line of one-piece and two-piece leathers, which we have been working on for 10 years! Although our overalls look relatively the same, every new one is slightly innovated.

Professional racers wear top of the line gear that ordinary racers would have to spend thousands of dollars on. We did not like this idea. We decided to produce one line of suits that gives every rider access to the same technology and safety at a fair price. We use identical technological cuts, materials, and protectors on all of our suits. We play fair, so we do not produce lower quality model lines of suits for anyone.